About Us

Light Green Building has created its services to meet the needs and desires of our customers, considering best building practices, the long-term operational and financial benefits of going green and the growing interest for systems that benefit occupant’s health and productivity.

Through our green building consulting and project management, we guide and run project design teams to create functional, healthy and comfortable buildings that are highly efficient in their resource utilization: energy, water and more. The final outcome is a built environment that is sustainable and better for all. Light Green Building brings a unique mix of competencies and expertise to projects in every market sector, ranging in scale from major district developments to small residential projects. Our technical team runs complex building simulation software to create constructions that are sustainable, comfortable and highly performant for their occupants and cost- effective for the investors.

Light Green Building was funded in 2020 when humanity encountered an obstacle it did not imagine before, an obstacle that is still present, reminding us that we are responsible for caring more about our planet and about how we leave our mark. Light Green Building’s offices are located in Frankfurt, Germany.


We provide organizations at a worldwide scale professional green project management and environmental consulting services. We serve ambitious and mature organizations, corporations and individual entrepreneurs who want to run their businesses responsibly while offering comfortable buildings to people, with respect for the planet.