Project Management Services

Sustainability Project Management


Our Project Management services include planning and operational support and start with budget and estimated cost management, efficient allocation of resources, ongoing reports regarding job status and effective collaboration with architects, engineers, subcontractors and key team members of the project team.

Complex sustainability projects are unique in terms of requirements, scope and priorities. Light Green Building approach is considering each project as a distinct system, integrating each element from a holistic perspective. Project management is a true collaboration effort that includes our clients in order to ensure timely, effective, cost-efficient and innovative project delivery from an overall perspective. We stand for your interests throughout project implementation, with a dedicated project manager supervising implementation across the design and planning, acquisitions, construction and operations stages.

Our teams integrate extensive industry experience with top-class project management processes, methodologies and tools for success. We develop your delivery strategy, overseeing the planning, organization and control of the activities required to implement that strategy. We then establish an appropriate and effective support management and monitor and address any deviations from the plan as they arise.

Maintenance of Solar Farms and Windmills‏


Light Green Building supports you with the maintenance of renewable energy plants, such as solar farms and windmills.

We provide all services that are required for the optimal operations of any renewable energy farm. We conduct important electrical checks, safety tests and inspection of the service lift, but we also run necessary remedial measures.
Our teams are experts for troubleshooting as it is our goal to always address and fix faults urgently, cost-effectively and above all, sustainably. This also includes timely elimination of defects and replacement of elements.

Our service is tailored to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients.
We are committed to keeping our customers’ assets to the highest standards, ensuring they operate effectively and safely to deliver maximum financial returns.

Rehabilitation of Land


Light Green Building offers land rehabilitation services, in a self-sustaining natural way, to assure a sustainable economic after-use, where future land quality is supported by careful management and repair.

Land rehabilitation services involve countering the physical symptoms of land degradation, which may include losses of soil quality due to soil or subsoil compaction, and also accelerated runoff and erosion on hill slopes and in watercourses.

Light Green Building offers design, implementation, management and strategic consulting services for contaminated land remediation, waste management, environmental due diligence and social impact assessments.

Rehabilitation treatments can be addressed from two perspectives: those that treat the consequences of soil deterioration, usually by engineering and those that address the problems, usually by changes in land management. Because the fundamental causes of the land deterioration are the economic and social actions that drive human societies to exploit the land, in each case, the long-term success of any land rehabilitation initiative depends upon the changes in land management.

Rehabilitation of Factories in the Environmental Sector

Factories rehabilitations aim to reintroduce in the society old factory sites that no longer serve their initial purposes and give them back to the communities, with improved characteristics and updated and modern roles.

The search for sustainability in such cases becomes a necessity in a wider scope, since it acts directly in the economic, social and environmental areas of society. In order for these to be achieved in the construction aiming at mitigating such impacts, it needs to be based on specific studies, since these impacts can occur in each phase of the life cycle of a building: re-design, re-construction activity, use and operation and maintenance of the constructed facility.